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Wigs are a great option for progressive hair loss or even just to change up your style. Get a high-quality wig that is comfortable, looks natural, and matches your own personal style.


Toppers and Extensions

Just have partial hair loss? Toppers and extensions are a great option for thinning hair or partial hair loss to cover a widening part or fill in length and volume.


Hair Replacement

Looking for a more permanent option? Hair replacement is a great way to cover your hair loss while not affecting your lifestyle with comfortable options that you’ll forget you’re even wearing!



At Bravadas, we strive to provide you with everything you need on your hair journey.



See inside our store and hear from some of our customers and Tracy, our Director of Operations.


Debbie in Kansas City

“Bravadas is a great place. I love all the staff. They are always friendly and accommodating. I also love the hours. They are open Monday through Saturday. Since I work a full-time job, I am able to get an appointment on a Saturday. All women want to have beautiful hair. Bravadas has given back my hair with the bonding. I feel like myself. It’s so natural, and I can honestly say that no one knows that I have a graph on. I always get compliments on how great my hair loss. I would tell anyone who suffers from hair loss to please come in and talk to the ladies at Bravadas. It is a great feeling knowing you can wash your hair and style it as you normally would. You can also swim! You don’t even know you are [...]

Rita in Kansas City

“I would like to say how happy and grateful I am to Bravadas that they are offering the foliagraphs. I had breast cancer 30 years ago and lost some of my hair and some parts were very thin. About 2 years after, my hair started to thin even more. I had a hair transplant that did well for 2 years, then my hair started to get thin again. My hairpiece is a godsend to me. Most people cannot even guess that my hair is not all mine. I can do anything that I want with the hairpiece and just go about living my life without a thought to my hair. It truly makes my life easier and worry-free.” Thank you Rita for your feedback!

Meg in Kansas City

“Tracy is so awesome! From our virtual consultation to me bugging her after hours via email and texts and changing my mind on wigs she gave me exactly what I wanted! After brain surgery and three huge scars on my head and the surgeons having to completely shave my head I didn’t think after 3 weeks I would feel so beautiful and like myself again! I’m so grateful for Tracy and for Bravadas! The wig looks so natural it feels so good, fits so good, I love the adjustable straps inside because I do have a big head lol! And best of all, she was able to keep me UNDER budget when insurance wouldn’t cover any of it! 5 stars!! I’ll be back for my next wig soon!!” Thank you Meg for your feedback! [...]

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