Alopecia Support Group Yoga Night

Alopecia Support Group Yoga Night



Sondra Dubas is a mom of two daughters, wife, author, yoga teacher, and international beauty & wellness entrepreneur. She has a passion for teaching others the importance of prioritizing self-care and transforming health in body, mind, and soulful living. This is what she calls “The Art of Self-care”. She is on a mission to open new doors of transformation in the hearts, minds, and bodies of people through meditation, yoga, and healthy lifestyle choices. Sondra is also learning to embrace self-love and acceptance of living with alopecia. Her journey through having a daughter with a significant health condition, and now managing her own auto-immune condition have enabled her to be compassionate and have inspired her to help others with similar needs find love and support.

Sondra recently created a private yoga studio in her home and is offering private and semi-private classes and workshops. She is creating a yoga program for women with alopecia that allows women to engage in the healing benefits of yoga in a safe and private setting.

On August, 30th from 6-7pm Sondra will be at Bravadas as a guest speaker. She will share her journey of self-love, health & healing with alopecia and talk about how she boldly signed up for yoga teacher training at the age of 48 while learning to wear a wig and embrace her alopecia. She will talk about how yoga, meditation, and healthy lifestyle choices have helped her embrace autoimmune disease. This will also be an opportunity to connect with other women who are living life gracefully with alopecia.

Sondra will guide a brief gentle yoga & meditation session and discuss the programs she is offering at her private studio.

Healthy tea and snacks will be served.

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