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Bravadas was started almost 20 years ago by our founder, Scott Stark.

Founder Scott Stark speaking to a client

He came up with the concept following his mother’s cancer diagnosis. Taking her to find a wig, he realized the need for caring, compassionate environments where women undergoing hair loss have access to solutions that help them feel confident and beautiful.

Since then, we’ve been learning everything there is to know about alternative hair, providing beautiful and private spaces for women to find hair solutions, and giving personalized shopping and care experiences.

Our company was birthed from the desire to care for women dealing with hair loss, and we’ve continued to provide world-class customer service to everyone, no matter what you’re going through.

Our stylists listen, care, and get it right.

Hair loss can be a difficult thing to go through. Bravadas offers a personalized, transformational hair experience unlike any other. Our caring Alternative Hair Specialists will take the time to listen, and take the time to get it right. We will find you a virtually undetectable solution that takes into account your facial features, skin tone, hair color, and lifestyle.  We customize, cut, color and make alterations until it’s perfect.  You will walk out feeling confident and looking beautiful! That’s the Bravadas Promise.

The name Bravadas is derived from “Bravado” which means “to show off with a pretense of bravery.” We use the feminine plural conjugation so our interpretation is “brave women connected.”  There’s a spirit of support and camaraderie that fills Bravadas.  Many customers bring a friend or family member, and laughter can often be heard coming from our private styling rooms.

Our customers tell us that it’s not what we sell, but what we do that makes Bravadas unique. We are changing lives everyday, one strand at a time.

Visit Bravadas today and  see how we can help you find your confidence again.

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