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Our founder, Scott

About Bravadas Wigs & Extensions

Bravadas was started almost 20 years ago by our founder, Scott Stark.

Since then, we’ve been learning everything there is to know about alternative hair, providing beautiful and private spaces for women to find hair solutions, and giving personalized shopping and care experiences. He came up with the concept of following his mother’s cancer diagnosis. Taking her to find a wig, he realized the need for caring, compassionate environments where women undergoing hair loss have access to solutions that help them feel confident and beautiful.

Our company was birthed from the desire to care for women dealing with hair loss, and we’ve continued to provide world-class customer service to everyone, no matter what you’re going through.

The name Bravadas is derived from “Bravado” which means “to show off with a pretense of bravery.” We use the feminine plural conjugation so our interpretation is “brave women connected.”  There’s a spirit of support and camaraderie that fills Bravadas.  Many customers bring a friend or family member, and laughter can often be heard coming from our private styling rooms. Hair loss can be a difficult thing to go through. Bravadas offers a personalized, transformational hair experience unlike any other.

Stylist ConsultationOur caring Alternative Hair Specialists will take the time to listen, and take the time to get it right. We will find you a virtually undetectable solution that takes into account your facial features, skin tone, hair color, and lifestyle.  We customize, cut, color and make alterations until it’s perfect.  You will walk out feeling confident and looking beautiful! That’s the Bravadas Promise.

Our customers tell us that it’s not what we sell, but what we do that makes Bravadas unique. We are changing lives every day, one strand at a time.

Visit Bravadas today and see how we can help you find your confidence again.

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Why Bravadas?

Meet our Team

Why Bravadas?

Bravadas is a warm and welcoming place where courageous women come for hair loss solutions. We specialize in personalized care in a beautiful salon setting filled with a large selection of quality wigs, toppers, extensions, and wig care products. Here you’ll find friendly, compassionate alternative hair solution experts dedicated to helping women look their best with private fitting rooms, custom wig fitting, and styling.

Choosing a wig is a personal experience. It’s can be an emotional experience that’s easier said than done. It’s about making you feel good about how you look. As you consider your options, remember: it’s all about you.

We know there are many places you can buy a wig, topper, or extensions. While buying online makes sense for everyday products, buying a wig is a personal experience and should be as unique as you are. We pride ourselves on learning about you and your needs and finding the right solution and customizing it to you. Come see us and we will show you why Bravadas is your single source for wigs, toppers, and extensions.

We’ve been a leader in the wig and alternative hair industry for almost 20 years. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, we’ve learned what products will last you and which ones to avoid, and we’ve learned how to listen to you to find out the best solution for you. You can come in for an hour free consultation and get 20 years worth of experience and knowledge dedicated to you.

Our Team

Scott Stark – Owner and Founder

I was raised on a working farm in Wichita, Kansas where strong ethics and family values were encouraged. The skill sets learned in my youth combined with a formal education in business at Wichita State University, led me to become an independent entrepreneur- owning and operating seven Beauty First salons and co-owning an Aveda lifestyle salon. Dedication, hard work, and attention to detail attributed to my overall success satisfying customers and keeping employees happy and fulfilled.

Initially, my experience with wig salons began when I was a customer in search of hair replacement services for my mother who was undergoing chemotherapy. After visiting many unsatisfactory wig boutiques with her, I realized that there was a void that had to be filled. I needed to create and develop an outstanding wig store for my mother and consequently, all people like her with medical hair loss needs. I wanted a salon that was beautiful, clean, and filled to the brim with quality wigs- a place with private fitting rooms and friendly compassionate wig experts. With great passion, I followed my vision and developed Bravadas as the flawless wig salon. Founded in the year 2000, I am very proud of what it has become.

Today, I remain dedicated to its continued growth and constant success. I am committed to keeping Bravadas a world-class experience for everyone who walks in the door.

Tracy Hobbs – Director Of Operations

My relationship began with Bravadas in 2001 when the salon was in the developmental stages. It has been my passion since those humble beginnings to make a difference in the lives of women who are experiencing hair loss. In addition to heading up the Bravadas team this past 19 years, I was a Hair U Wear educator traveling the country teaching classes on wigs, hairpieces and extensions. From the beginning to this day I absolutely love what I do. My passion is to educate others on the benefits of wigs and hairpieces, to give back to the community and improve the lives of anyone experiencing the devastating effects of hair loss. We have been told by our clients that we change lives, and I do believe that we accomplish just that. We give back something that has been lost and that is the best feeling in the world. We not only give them hair but we create friendships that last a lifetime. Bravadas has been my passion for the last 19 years and continues to fulfill my desire to make a difference in the industry. My mission in this business is for all women who experience hair loss to come to a local Bravadas where they will find the perfect solution to maintain a great hair day everyday.

Jason Ramsey – Director Of Business Development

Jason has been working in the beauty industry for the past 17 years. During that time he has worked in the retail, marketing, training, franchising, and risk management side of the industry. In 2016 he took the position as Director of Business Development at Bravadas. Since then his responsibilities have included management of all strategic and operational marketing, driving increased revenue and profit to achieve the company’s ambitious growth, and planning the implementation of growth into new markets through franchise sales.