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Written Stories from Clients

stories and testimonials

“It’s been almost a year now since I first visited Bravadas. I saw the storefront and immediately googled and emailed to find out more. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was hoping that finally there would be a place that would help me feel like me again instead of making me feel awkward and uglier as the days went by and my hair continued to leave my scalp. When it finally opened I stepped inside and it was bright and cheery and Robin made me feel right at home. Alopecia really zaps your self esteem. I just wanted to find a place that would make me feel pampered again. It was nice to have a private place to try on different styles and colors of wigs. Robin even told me she was going to start an Alopecia Support group–which she did. Through Bravadas I now have a circle of friends who understand my feelings and fears. We are able to encourage and support one another at the meetings and after the meetings too. We cry and laugh together and it’s great! My stress level and acceptance of my condition has improved dramatically. Bravadas is more than a store to buy hair and supplies. They’ve given me friends and confidence to feel normal again.
Thanks Bravadas (Robin and staff)” -Tammy

“So impressed with this store and their professional staff. Went in tonight with my Mom to get her fitted for a wig since losing her hair to Chemo. Everyone there treated her with respect, helped her find a wig that made her feel beautiful and did all of it with a discrete professionalism that made her feel comfortable and relaxed – Thank You!!!!!!” – Colby B.

“The first time that I came to Bravadas, I was nervous. I had started to lose my hair, and a wig seemed the only solution to my problem. I really didn’t have any idea of what I wanted, but I had a budget and a desire to pick out the perfect synthetic wig. Julie waited on me that day, and she was so patient. I must have tried on at least 15 wigs, and Julie’s suggestions and assistance helped me to find that perfect wig. She gave me lots of information about the care of my new wig, and she talked to me about the virtues and downsides of a synthetic. We talked about human hair, but it did not fit into my budget at the time.  It wasn’t long before I realized that I would probably have to wear a wig for the rest of my life, and I felt so much more confident in my new wig that the prospect of this did not bother me. I saved my money, and soon I was back at Bravadas to purchase a human hair wig. This time, Liz came to my assistance. She was wonderful! Once again, an employee of your store patiently led me through the process of choosing a wig. I ended up purchasing the wig that I had liked best from the Internet, and when I left with my new human hair wig, I was SO excited. It was beautiful, and I was looking forward to the benefits of human hair.

Unfortunately, my dreams were shattered. The wig that looked so beautiful at first started to turn into one big knot. It was a nightmare. Although I knew that your store’s policy was no refunds or exchanges, I decided to contact Liz and see if there was anything that Bravadas could do for me. It was now that I realized how truly wonderful Bravadas and its staff are.  Liz referred me to her manager, Lauren, and together we agreed on a plan. She would look at my wig and see if she could tell what was causing the knotting. As soon as Lauren saw my wig, she knew that the problem was in the manufacturing process. The manufacturer had failed to tie the back of the wig properly. Lauren agreed to order another wig as an exchange thinking that it probably was just a defect in the one that I had. When the new wig arrived, I was nervous again. What if it did the same thing??

Lauren and Liz were not going to let this happen. They explained to me that the new wig that they had ordered had the same manufacturing defect as my original one. That’s when they did something truly amazing! They brought out a wig that was more expensive and told me that I could have it as an exchange. I wasn’t particularly happy with this wig, so I suggested that I try another one that I had seen on the Internet. They made me a special deal on this wig, and now I have the wig of my dreams.  I just had to let you know what a wonderful experience I had in your store. Your employees are truly fabulous! I believe Lauren summed up the phenomenal attitude of your employees. She told me that she remembered how excited I was when I first left with the original human hair wig, and she wanted me to leave Bravadas with the same excitement when I left the store this last time.

I said the last time, but it won’t really be the last. There is no way that I would shop for my next wig anywhere other than Bravadas!”

– Kathy

“I went in today, looking a mess after many tearful, anxiety-filled weeks of unexplained hair loss. I was met by the Bravadas staff with warmth and compassion. Tanner helped walk me through all the options with so much patience and understanding. I felt hopeful that I will be able to feel like myself and feel beautiful no matter what the future holds for my hair. When the time comes to purchase and be styled, I have total confidence in the team at Bravadas. Thank you, ladies!” – Stephanie P.

Really like my Follea. My husband took a photo after leaving Bravadas and posted on FB. You can see it on my FB. I have received over 100 glowing comments on my new hairstyle. I was really surprised. My friends loved the new me.

Went to Mass yesterday and the chaplain did not recognize me. I can tell when my husband pointed at me that he took a double take.

I really like the color and thank you so much for parting it.

You did a great job. My husband likes the color too. The hair style is the same that I had when I met my husband 49 yrs. ago.

-Nita, client of Tanner from KC

I just want to say thank you!  Thanks for having such a great high-quality wig shop in the area….you saved my “social” life.  Having to go through chemotherapy at age 34 is hard enough, the first “everything breast cancer” shop we went to had a several fake looking horrible styled wigs available–I left with nothing, feeling completely depleted and cried for 2 days straight.

My husband Googled other wig shops in the area and found your shop.  We traveled over an hour to come and Sherry was so nice, patient, and full of valuable information.  I purchased such an amazing wig, I absolutely love it! I have even had a few compliments about how great my hair looks from people who have no idea I’m actually bald and wearing a wig.

I just washed it after wearing it daily for a week straight following Sherry’s great instructions and it looks and smells perfect.  Thanks again so much!!!! 100% satisfied customer.

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