Alopecia affects nearly 2 percent of all Americans. It’s an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss and affects men and women of all ages. Alopecia is life altering, robbing women and men of their identity, leaving feelings of helplessness and despair. However, there are programs and people who provide support and help with the social and emotional ramifications, teaching sufferers that hair loss does not define your identity.

One of those programs is Alopecia World, a unique, exciting and positivity life-changing social networking site for hair loss sufferers. This online community provides encouragement through life-changing support, resources and information related to alopecia, including alopecia areata, baldness and medical hair loss.

Read the blog post below, from Alopecia World.

‘My life is hard with alopecia’

I’m currently 16, yeah I’m a teenager that’s what makes this worse. I struggle constantly with everything going on in my life and I blame it on alopecia. I wonder and ask God everyday why me? Why put more stress on me other than a normal person. I wish people wouldn’t judge me or look at me different. I want my hair back, I would feel so normal and happy. I’m not gonna lie but I blame alopecia for everything, I guess you can call it a cover up, but it’s one thing I believe that makes me depressed, I ask my self everyday how my life would be if I didn’t lose something 90% of the world’s population has. I wanna change my life around, but I feel like I can’t without hair. But hey! On the bright side, I can be anyone I want to be with all these different styles of hair! “Haha” just wish I didn’t get bullied so hard as a child; I think maybe that’s why I’m so depressed about this. Hmmm…. I just need someone to talk to I like to tell myself.