Welcome To The Bravadas Sioux City Wig & Extension Store

Address: 1772 Hamilton Blvd. #1, Sioux City, IA 51103
Phone: 954-294-8074
Hours: By appointment only, please call.

Bravadas is much, much more than a wig and hair extension store.

Bravadas offers private, personalized care unlike anyone else in the industry. Don’t just settle, let us help you make sure it fits, matches your skin tone with color and is cut to ensure you get what you came for – a new you!

Currently, we are not taking appointments in the Sioux City location, but we are still offering video consultations! Give us a call to schedule yours!

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If you are up for a short drive, you can visit our location in Omaha, NE! Click here to schedule your Omaha Appointment.

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