Blondes have fun

Blonde hair is iconic, from Marylin Monroe’s classic waves to Lady Gaga’s icy tones, blonde hair has often been a sign of glamour and excitement. However, going blonde often comes with a cost. Bleaching your natural hair can cause damage, breakage, and overall unhealthy hair. This can be a big risk, especially if your hair is thinning. One of the most fun parts of wearing hair is being able to switch up your look on a moments notice, with absolutely no damage to your bio hair!

There are several options for you if you are looking to go blonde without the damage. On the left, Melody is wearing a fun, short synthetic style from our Bravadas Comfort Collection. This is the Sophia style. These synthetic wigs are fun, low maintenance styles that are comfortable and versatile. The bangs on this style are long and can be swept to the side for “The Rachel” from Friends wispy look, or they can be trimmed up a bit for a more face-framing look. They help disguise the hairline and make this wig look natural and perfect.

Tracy in the middle is wearing one of our classic human hairstyles. Human hair wigs look especially natural and can be styled like bio hair. You can curl, straighten, even add some color. The wig Tracy is wearing has a lace front that makes the hairline look natural instead of “wiggy.” It also has a monofilament top, which means that the hair on the top of the head is hand tied, so you can change the part and it still looks natural! The hair can move in either direction just like big hair.

Tanner is wearing top extensions on the left. Top extensions, or partial wigs, are great options for anyone with partial hair loss or someone who just wants more volume on top! They can clip in and integrate with your natural hair. If you are bleaching your hair but want to give it a break, you can wear top extensions to cover your roots but still, look blonde, Or you can wear it over brown hair to have a lowlight look. The base is also monofilament, so the hair will move around like natural hair and will integrate with your hair perfectly.

Have you thought about going blonde? Make an appointment today to see what blonde style would be best for you! Get the look without the commitment. Come see if blondes really do have more fun.