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Custom Extensions

custom extensions

The perfect extensions will blend seamlessly into your hair and give you all the length and volume you want.

There are so many customizable options available. The right one will depend on your lifestyle and needs!

Our experts can walk you through all the options of style, fiber type, brand, and color and order the perfect set for you. You’ll get to choose the perfect color and texture to be exactly what you want, and our stylists will craft the right selection of pieces to work for you, be it one full halo piece or several pieces attached in different places.

We offer solutions that are real human hair extensions as well as synthetic hair extensions.

If it’s a permanent solution, our stylists will do the install. If it’s a removable solution, they’ll show you exactly how to securely attach and safely detach the piece.

Our experts will customize your piece to be the perfect color and cut for you.

Ready to get the look?

Book a free consultation and tell us about the style you want. Our experts will help you design the perfect extension set for you that is unlike anyone else’s. You’ll walk out feeling more beautiful and confident than ever!

Schedule a Free Consultation

Bravadas hair consultations are free. We’ll walk you through all your options, then we’ll customize your wig or hairpiece just for you!

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