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Special Occasion Hair

Got something special coming up?

If you’re going to a nice event, gala, have a big birthday coming up or anything else, we know you want to look your best!

Tell us about your day and how you want to look and we’ll find the right style for you.

Want full, flowing long hair? We’ve got special occasion extensions and toppers. Want a completely different look for the night? Try a special occasion wig!

Tell our stylists what kind of look you want and we’ll find the perfect special occasion hair for you. Book a free consultation and try on different pieces to see how they look and feel. Our experts can customize it just for you and show you how to take care of it for years to come.

Book your free consultation today to find the perfect option for you.

Ready to get the look?

Book a free consultation and show us the style you want. Our experts will help you find the perfect hair and have you prepped for your special day in no time.

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Bravadas hair consultations are free. We’ll walk you through all your options, then we’ll customize your wig or hairpiece just for you!

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