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Vacation and Cruise Hair and Fashion

Getting ready to head out on your amazing getaway? We know you’ll want to stay looking amazing but won’t want to worry about how you look.

Our stylists can help you find the right option so you can be comfortable and carefree, yet always looking fabulous. What better way to stay looking and feeling good than to have your hair planned out ahead of time!

Come tell us about your vacation and we’ll find the solution that will keep you feeling comfortable yet looking stylish. From tape in extensions that will stay put to full wigs to throw on for quick evening glam and many others, we’ll find exactly what you need. Get your vacation wigs ready before so your bags will be fully packed!

The best option for you will of course depend on what you’re doing for your vacation. Going on a cruise and want to class up for the evening? A full wig for vacation may be the perfect solution to style it ahead of time to be ready for an elegant evening in no time. Heading up north and regret cutting off your hair? Get some tape-in extensions installed and get the length back so you’ll stay warm. Heading to Paris and need to look as stylish as the French? Get the latest looks for your trip with the least hassle.

Our stylists are ready for you! Book an appointment and tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen. See you soon!

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