One Year On, Follea is Still the Only Company in the Hair Industry to Offer a Product Registration System to Address Counterfeiting.

LOS ANGELES, CA—July 17, 2014.   Follea strives to eliminate fraudulent practices in the multi-billion dollar added hair industry by promoting information and pricing transparency.   Recent feedback at an industry national conference, visibly demonstrated by a show of hands, confirmed that most wig and added hair purchasers have had one or more unsatisfactory hair shopping experiences.  One year ago, Follea, Inc. introduced the hair industry’s first product registration system to address a growing problem of premium brand counterfeiting in the hair business.  It is simple to use and is accessed on Follea’s website under the “contact us” tab.  The actual link is:

As the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of premium European hair wigs, Topette® hairpieces and European Hair extensions, Follea created this product registration system so that customers can verify they have purchased an authentic “Follea” and not a counterfeit product.   Follea augments this system with tamper-proof embedded waterproof labels containing a unique serial number in all their hair products

Michael Leigh, Follea’s President, had this to say:  “If a woman buys a Chanel® brand dress, she expects it to be from Chanel.  Hair branding is more challenging and products are difficult to identify.  The difference in cost of cheap hair versus premium hair is an order of magnitude (a factor of more than x10).  Follea’s premium quality European hair is a serious purchase and our Clients need to be protected from unscrupulous would-be fraudsters.  We hoped that, by setting this example, other industry participants would follow in our footsteps.  But, one year later, we still offer the hair industry’s only serial number registration system”.

Apart from poor hair quality, many “forgeries” emanate from outsourced factories that produce sub-par added-hair products and who frequently subject their workers to unacceptable conditions and poverty level compensation.

The product registration system allows a Follea purchaser to enter the Follea model, serial number, purchase date, store name, customer contact information and more optional choices. Customers are immediately alerted if their serial number does not represent a genuine Follea product.   As a result of the Follea authentication system, we have already managed to assist 3 hair purchasers who thought they were buying Follea and who had been “diverted” by dealers.  Follea is building a knowledge base of unscrupulous hair dealers, who supply counterfeit hair, as well as unauthorized dealers and manufacturers who advertise themselves as “Follea” suppliers.  Another thing to watch for are websites that use unauthorized and misleading images from legitimate manufacturers without their permission.  Follea has recently had to send out “cease and desist” letters to address this growing problem, warning several companies to remove Follea copyright names or images from their websites. The challenge is that sometimes they are beyond local or National legal boundaries.  For example, a China-based company that has no physical presence in the US or UK even though they have a ***.com, or *** site, such as, who advertised fictitious Follea wigs for under $100.

As a general rule, if it doesn’t look right, it isn’t.  Follea encourages its purchasers to always look inside the wig or hairpiece for the embedded (not sewn-on) transparent Follea serial number label.  There should be further Follea product identification and a hair care guide.  There should be genuine Follea packaging.  The hair should look and feel extremely natural.  It should move naturally and not have an artificial-looking brassy shine to it.  Knots on the wig should be small and well tightened, not large and knobby.  If significant amounts of hair fall out when the hair is brushed, it is not a Follea product.

Counterfeit wigs are made by outsourced factories that might acquire a genuine Follea hairpiece and then proceed to copy it, using inferior materials and poor hair. This hair may be made to feel soft by removing the hair cuticle in a vat of acid, and is typically silicon-coated before delivery.  But once this hair is shampooed a few times and the silicon washes out, it invariably becomes matted and tangled   By comparison, the Russian & European hair that Follea acquires is purchased from willing donors, and can cost many times that of so-called virgin unprocessed remy hair – a much used and misleading phrase which represents the latest industry advertising hyperbole.

ABOUT FOLLEA.  Follea was founded in 2000 by the accomplished hair artist, Daniel Hafid, son of the late Rene of Paris, a renowned wig industry pioneer himself.  Daniel’s vision was to create the world’s best added-hair collections by sourcing the finest European hair and introducing world-class manufacturing techniques.  Michael Leigh joined Follea in 2008 and introduced its first ultra-premium Follea-Branded European Hair Collections that same year.  Follea has changed the added-hair industry forever.  Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, Follea now operates worldwide and is globally recognized as the industry leader in quality, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Follea is the only US-owned hair company with it own Asian manufacturing facility, providing Follea with a significant design and quality advantage.  Follea has set the standard for creating beautiful, long-lasting added hair products and providing service par excellence. Hair professionals from the US to Europe to Australia have validated Follea’s reputation as the provider of Nature’s Most Beautiful Hair®.

For more information about Follea, Contact: Laura Grenot.

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