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Trichotillomania Hair Loss Solutions

If you’re experiencing Trichotillomania (pronounced: trik-oh-till-oh-may-nee-ah), or TTM (also known as Hair Pulling Disorder), you may have noticeable hair loss and even permanent hair loss.

If you have hair loss because of Trichotillomania, you still deserve to feel beautiful! Our caring and non-judgemental experts can find you a solution that will make you feel beautiful no matter what you’re going through.

Wigs and Extensions

If you’re dealing with the effects of chronic Trichotillomania, you might have larger areas on your head that are patchy or thin. If so, a full wig might be the best option to cover those areas. Your scalp is likely sensitive as well because of the irritation. Your stylist can work with you and point you to the brands with wig caps made specifically for sensitive skin. You’ll want your wig to be comfortable enough to wear all day even with your irritated scalp.

Come try on different pieces to feel their difference and see the immediate effect a wig can have in a free consultation.

Toppers, or partial wigs, are great options to fill in for hair loss on the top of your head. If this is the main area affected, a topper that sits on the crown of your head and blends seamlessly into your natural hair may be the perfect solution for you. A topper can also provide a barrier on your scalp to help your hair regrow.

Our expert team will help you find the right solution and alter it to perfectly blend with your natural hair. They will also train you on how to attach your topper correctly so you can confidently go about your day knowing that your hair piece is in place securely.

Extensions are great options to help fill in your hair as well as provide a barrier to help natural hair regrowth. Because they are not attached to the scalp, they are not able to be pulled out like natural hair. When placed correctly, they can fill in the gaps where hair is missing and cover and protect places where you’re trying to regrow your hair.

Bravadas carries several types of hair extensions. Walking through your options with one of our experts will be the best way to determine which is best for you.

The first kind of extension is Add-on Hair. Instantly add a ponytail, a braid, or extra body and texture to your hair. These easy-to-maintain, easy-to-style hair pieces are the perfect way to change look quickly for the day. Our professional staff will show you how to securely and expertly attach your add-on hair so you feel confident wearing it all day.

A second type is Clip-on Hair Extensions. They allow you the flexibility of changing your look without spending hours in a salon. You can fill in your hair, add length and volume in just minutes. You can get the extensions to match and fill in your natural hair or get them styled to add daring streaks of color. With clip-on hair extensions, you can dramatically change your look in minutes.

The third type is Tape In Seamless Extensions. These are a more permanent solution. They install in as little as 45 minutes and with proper care, can last 6-10 weeks. They can be reused for several service times. These can help cover the thinned areas as well as provide a barrier that makes it harder to pull out hair.

Hair pieces, or partial wigs, are great for irregular patchiness. They come in all different shapes and sizes and attachment areas. If your pattern of pulling has produced thin or bald areas in specific places on your head, you may not need a full wig to cover it up. Adding volume to thinned hair can be accomplished by pull-through integration pieces that will provide extra volume for your natural hair.

Our experts will help you find the correct piece and alter it for you. Our team of trained stylists can customize your hair piece to ensure it blends seamlessly into your natural hair.

Hair pieces also come in many different kinds of construction and material. Most are easily removable and can be gentle on your natural hair. There are Clip-In Hair Pieces, Wiglets, Half Wigs, and Hair Scrunchies. Our hair pieces are the highest quality available on the market. We carry products from all the best vendors like Jon Reanu, Raquel Welch, Rene of Pair, Hair U Wear, and many more.

There may be days that you won’t want to wear your wig or hairpiece. Because of this, we carry wide variety of comfortable fashion head wear including hats & scarves. These come in many colors and styles to fit your mood and lifestyle. Get the latest in hats, scarves & accessories from Betmar, Flipside, Turbans Plus, Hats for You, Cherie, Jon Renau, Henry Margu, Rene of Paris, Jazz Up Hats and Head Coverings, Headliner, and Something Special.
All of our hats and scarves are inspired by the latest fashion trends from the highest quality fabrics, and made with comfort in mind. Come in and try on these hats, turbans and scarves to find the best ones for you.

hats and scarvesWe also carry solutions for eyebrow and eyelash hair loss. If this is an area that you’ve pulled from, don’t let that stop you from feeling beautiful. Find solutions to enhance, cover, and protect your eyebrows and eyelashes.

If you’re looking for shampoos and hair products that will help your sensitive scalp and aid in hair regrowth, you can pick that up at Bravadas too. Find the products you need to take care of and bring back your natural hair.

For your wig or hair piece, you’ll want to consider future care. In order to properly care for your wig or hair piece, you will need hair care products specifically designed for the type of hair piece you have. Bravadas has a full line of wig care products from all of your favorite brands, such as Jon Renau, Henry Margu, and Hair U Wear. We carry styling shampoos, sprays, brushes, combs, and care kits to help keep your investment looking fresh for many years to come.

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Bravadas hair consultations are free. We’ll walk you through all your options, then we’ll customize your wig or hairpiece just for you!


Schedule a Free Consultation

Bravadas hair consultations are free. We’ll walk you through all your options, then we’ll customize your wig or hairpiece just for you!

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