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Synthetic Hair Pieces by Type

synthetic hair pieces

Hair pieces are a great way to add some instant flair to your hair. They are an inexpensive and speedy way to look like you spent hours on your hair! There are many types of hair pieces that come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, lengths, and colors. We have many different styles available at Bravadas.

Because they are synthetic, they’ll stay pre-styled and ready to wear. These are great for special occasion hair or just wanting your hair to look put together when you don’t have the time to style it. Find the perfect one for you or grab several to change with your mood!

One type of hairpiece is a ponytail. Pull your hair back and attach luxurious length. Let it flow free or style into a loose braid. These can be curly or straight, one color or ombre. Get instant high glam with a slicked back look.

Another type is synthetic extensions. These come in clip ons or wire extensions. Style your hair to match and then add in the quick lengths with either a pop of color or a seamless blend into your hair. You can also get small color strip extensions to add that extra flair.

Another option is a braid. These pre-braided pieces can snap into your hair as an extension or a headband or however you can integrate them into your hair! The perfect pop of style without the extra effort.

A fourth option is clip in bangs. These can attach mid to front of your scalp and give you the perfect bangs without having the week post haircut regret.

One last option is a clip or wrap. These settle perfectly over or around a bun at the back of your head to get that perfect messy or curly bun without fear of it falling out throughout the day!

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