Benefits of Hair Replacement

There are many benefits of hair replacement compared to other hair options.

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Benefits of Hair Replacement

Thinning hair and hair loss affects both men and women and is occurring at younger ages than ever before. Non-surgical hair replacement is rapidly becoming the most popular solution. There are many reasons for that. Hair replacement systems aren’t what they used to be. Technology advancements in application and materials used have made it a more attractive solution than ever before. They can be handcrafted to match your hair color, density, and your hair loss pattern. This leads to the most natural-looking results possible.

Hair Replacement Systems Do Not Require Surgery

Surgical hair replacement continues to be an option for many people. The most important thing to remember is that anytime you have surgery it will be painful. Also, as with any surgery, there is a risk of complications. Whether it is the dangers of anesthesia or the risk of infection, neither are worth the risk when there is a more reliable alternative. Then there is the possibility of scarring. There is also a possibility of “shock loss” — the sudden loss of the newly transplanted hair — after surgery. Regardless of ‘shock loss’ or just regular loss over time, inevitably most people will need more surgical procedures to get the desired results.

Needless to say, hair systems have much fewer risks. The procedure consists of shaving an area of your head and attaching a fine mesh to the scalp. The mesh features hairs matched in color and density to your natural hair. Other than the very rare allergic reaction to the adhesive, you are not at risk for any medical problems with a non-surgical hair replacement system.

Non-surgical Hair Replacement Isn’t Permanent

Surgery can’t be undone. On the other hand, when you choose the non-surgical route you can choose to stop anytime. Non-surgical hair replacement must be maintained in order to continue to look and feel great. Some require more maintenance than others, but each individual can have a plan tailored to their unique situation.

If you decide that you are no longer interested in wearing your hair replacement system for whatever reason, you can simply have it removed — it’s not permanent.

Is Hair Replacement Right for You?

Dealing with hair loss can be very emotional and we understand that. If you are doing research about hair restoration, odds are you are a good candidate. Whether you are just starting to lose your hair, or if you’ve had thinning hair for a long time, we have just the right solution for you. What are you waiting for? Schedule a private, free consultation at one of our locations near you.

Hair Replacement Systems Are More Versatile

Non-surgical hair replacement is an option for anyone. It works for patients who have been severely scarred from hair transplants or burns, or anyone who is going through chemotherapy or any other medically related hair loss issue. Hair replacement also works if you are experiencing hair loss from heredity issues as well. The freedom it gives you is unparalleled. You can literally get any hair color, style, density, length, or texture that you want. Those who choose hair transplant surgery are limited to what’s available in donor areas. By the way, replacement systems do not require donors!

Every hair loss solution has its advantages and disadvantages. In order to look natural, cleaning and maintenance are essential with hair systems. We have made the maintenance of our hair replacement systems very affordable because you must keep up with it on a regular basis.

Hair loss treatment is a big decision. Before making a decision, do thorough research to find the right hair loss solution for you. If that happens to be non-surgical hair replacement, then Bravadas is the place for you. We are confident you will love us!

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The name Bravadas is derived from “Bravado” which means “to show off with a pretense of bravery.” We use the feminine plural conjugation so our interpretation is “brave women connected.”  There’s a spirit of support and camaraderie that fills Bravadas.  Our clients are more than customers; they are family.


I would like to say how happy and grateful I am to Bravadas that they are offering the foliagraphs. I had breast cancer 30 years ago and lost some of my hair and some parts were very thin. About 2 years after, my hair started to thin even more. I had a hair transplant that did well for 2 years, then my hair started to get thin again. My hairpiece is a godsend to me. Most people cannot even guess that my hair is not all mine. I can do anything that I want with the hairpiece and just go about living my life without a thought to my hair. It truly makes my life easier and worry-free.


Bravadas is a great place. I love all the staff. They are always friendly and accommodating. I also love the hours. They are open Monday through Saturday. Since I work a full-time job, I am able to get an appointment on a Saturday.

All women want to have beautiful hair. Bravadas has given back my hair with the bonding. I feel like myself. It’s so natural, and I can honestly say that no one knows that I have a graph on. I always get compliments on how great my hair loss.

I would tell anyone who suffers from hair loss to please come in and talk to the ladies at Bravadas. It is a great feeling knowing you can wash your hair and style it as you normally would. You can also swim! You don’t even know you are wearing it. It’s my own hair.


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