Cesare Ragazzi

Cesare Ragazzi is the premier producer of custom hair replacement worldwide. Shaped specifically to your head, their innovative hair replacement system will feel so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

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Cesare Ragazzi: World-Renowned Leaders in Hair Restoration

Bravadas Dallas is proud to be a partner with Cesare Ragazzi. They are a world-renowned Italian company that has revolutionized hair loss solutions. Their scientific research into hair and scalp deficiencies has led to the development of some of the best hair loss treatments on the market today. CR Labs was started in 1968 in Bologna, Italy, and was simply a small research company. Today they are the disruptors in the hair loss industry.

Their hair replacement systems have changed the game for hair loss solutions. We know that losing hair can be a deeply traumatic and isolating experience, damaging confidence, wellbeing, and self-esteem. Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories offers proven, non-surgical solutions to hair loss with healthy, permanent results.

Restore Your Hair, Restore Your Confidence

Bravadas and Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories are dedicated to restoring your hair and confidence. Their team of experts has worked in high- technology environments for years developing the CRL system, an advanced, non-invasive, dermatologically-tested, full or partial hair replacement system that restores beautiful hair – seamlessly. Every piece is custom made, shaped exactly to your scalp, and the finest quality hair is blended together to match your natural hair color. Now as our partners you can come to us to receive the benefits of this research.

Soon after your treatment has commenced you can return to a full, active life including swimming and high-impact sports. We offer calm, private environments in which we integrate the CNC hair system to your unique hairline and scalp so that you can return to living a full, active life without compromise. Your care will continue under the guidance of your dedicated Cesare Ragazzi consultant.

Hair Restoration is Not Just About a Hair Piece

Their philosophy is two-pronged, Trichology, and Hair Replacement Systems. Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories treatments have been developed under laboratory conditions by some of the world’s leading hair loss experts. The CRLab® formulative philosophy combines Nature and Science and all its products are parabens and SLES free.

There are 6 CRLab products lines:

  • Hair loss prevention line
  • Antidandruff moisturizing line
  • Sebum regulating line
  • Daily care line
  • Extra Care line
  • Restructuring and Finish
cesare ragazzi cnc male hair replacement
cesare ragazzi cnc female hair replacement
Trichology daily care line

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The name Bravadas is derived from “Bravado” which means “to show off with a pretense of bravery.” We use the feminine plural conjugation so our interpretation is “brave women connected.”  There’s a spirit of support and camaraderie that fills Bravadas.  Our clients are more than customers; they are family.


I would like to say how happy and grateful I am to Bravadas that they are offering the foliagraphs. I had breast cancer 30 years ago and lost some of my hair and some parts were very thin. About 2 years after, my hair started to thin even more. I had a hair transplant that did well for 2 years, then my hair started to get thin again. My hairpiece is a godsend to me. Most people cannot even guess that my hair is not all mine. I can do anything that I want with the hairpiece and just go about living my life without a thought to my hair. It truly makes my life easier and worry-free.


Bravadas is a great place. I love all the staff. They are always friendly and accommodating. I also love the hours. They are open Monday through Saturday. Since I work a full-time job, I am able to get an appointment on a Saturday.

All women want to have beautiful hair. Bravadas has given back my hair with the bonding. I feel like myself. It’s so natural, and I can honestly say that no one knows that I have a graph on. I always get compliments on how great my hair loss.

I would tell anyone who suffers from hair loss to please come in and talk to the ladies at Bravadas. It is a great feeling knowing you can wash your hair and style it as you normally would. You can also swim! You don’t even know you are wearing it. It’s my own hair.