Transformations Top Pieces

Raquel Welch, the global leader for over 20 years in women’s wigs and hair accessories, brings you Transformations – a collection of high-quality top pieces that can totally transform your look! With a variety of fiber types, lengths, colors, and range of price points… imagine the possibilities.


Hair Loss Stages

Begin by first identifying the area and stage of hair loss.

For hair loss along the part or crown area… a topper piece is ideal. Select a style with a base size that is at least ½ inch larger than the area of hair loss.

For a receding front hairline or thinning at the temples… try a clip-in bang or fringe style.

Regardless of which kind of hair loss you are experiencing, we have a topper that will work for you. If you have questions please set up and appointment and we will work one on one with you to find the correct solution.



Women of all ages may experience thinning hair or patchy baldness. It’s more common than you think! As we age, our hair tends to thin. My own hair is not quite as thick as it once was and I’ve taken to wearing hair additions for many of my professional appearances. These “top secret” additions help me stay confident, fashionable, and in the spotlight.

My Transformations Collection includes a variety of stylish solutions. With so many options, it’s easy to find the perfect style for beautiful results.

Best wishes,