My name is Darleen Miller.  Yes, Robinn Scholfield is my daughter.  When she opened a Bravadas Wig franchise in Overland Park in 2016, she never dreamed she would be personally choosing wigs for her own Mother, and neither did I.     About 3 months ago, I was diagnosed with cancer and immediately began chemo treatments in Wichita, KS.  So, when my hair began to fail out, my children who lived close by were with me for the “Falling Out Ritual.”  My son Roger, his wife, Jaki and Robinn were there with me.  We all gathered in the bathroom with a pair of scissors and took turns in placing some strands of hair in their hands and cutting it off with the scissors.  Between bouts of laughter, tears, and memories of childhood haircuts I’d given them, they got to the scalp close enough for Jaki to finish with the hair clippers.  They all remarked at how great I looked with a “buzz” cut and even my husband said he loved my hair that short.  This episode helped me to relax and get through the painful hurt of giving up my hair. 

Robinn, who has helped hundreds of clients who have lost hair due to Chemo, knows exactly what a woman needs when this happens—–a beautiful wig or two!!  How happy and excited I was when she presented me with 2 perfectly – matched wigs to my previous hair color.  They were the only thing that could have lifted my spirits any higher.  The wigs were expertly styled so that even my sons thought they looked exactly like my real hair.  Robinn brought a bag of other items that were necessary for wig cleaning, conditioning, storing and styling and showed me how to easily wash and style them.  She added a number of stylish hair turbans to sleep in and wear around the house.  What a life-saver they have all been to me!  They have been successful in giving me back my pride in my appearance and ability to continue my social life with confidence.  I was even able to be a flower “girl” at my granddaughter’s wedding in June, wearing my wig that no one even noticed!   Besides the wigs, one of the other items I love best is the eyebrow applicator, “WunderBrow.”  Due to Chemo, I lost my eyebrows and most of my lashes.  Eyebrow pencils wouldn’t stay on long at all.  This product that she carries in the Bravadas Wig Salon, stays in place 2 or 3 days.  The other favorite was the LindiSkin Soothing Balm. I rubbed it on my head when my scalp felt like it was on fire and it calmed the pain right down. What a relief! 

I now have a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the community service that Robinn and her staff provide every single day to women in need.

All my family has been tremendously supportive through the entire treatment process, which is now ending with positive results.  My faith in God’s promises, all the prayers of loved ones and the over-whelming support of Dr. Pavan Reddy and staff have brought me through one of the toughest challenges of my life.  I now send my prayers and strength and to all other women in this situation.

  • Darleen Miller


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Darleen, 86, Cancer survivor and Robinn