Below is a story from our Manager in Fairfax, Bree. It was so inspirational we wanted to share it with everyone. Enjoy!

Saturday there was an 8-year-old girl with cancer. Her family was looking for a wig and she was becoming discouraged. I pulled out the short ethnic wig and her face lit up. Ms. Marilyn was waiting on them, but I was observing as well. My ethnicity is Dominican and so was this family so we really connected. As I was installing tap-ins with another client she told me that I had a way with people; as we continued talking she said ‘Bree I am going to pay for the little girl’s wig.’ She did not want any recognition,  she was blessed with money and loved giving back. When I told the family that she paid for it; the mother was so overjoyed as well as the dad, the little girl, and the brother. It was such a wonderful experience to be apart of a positive giving situation. So again this is a privilege for me to be apart of the Bravadas Family!!”

Thank YOU Bree, and thank you for sharing your story.