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You Deserve to Feel Beautiful

At Bravadas, we specialize in finding you hair that makes you feel confidently like yourself, no matter what you’re going through. Whether you’re experiencing medical hair loss or just want a new style, you deserve to feel beautiful.

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Wigs are a great option for progressive hair loss or even just to change up your style. Get a high-quality wig that is comfortable, looks natural, and matches your own personal style.


Toppers and Extensions

Just have partial hair loss? Toppers and extensions are a great option for thinning hair or partial hair loss to cover a widening part or fill in length and volume.


Hair Replacement

Looking for a more permanent option? Hair replacement is a great way to cover your hair loss while not affecting your lifestyle with comfortable options that you’ll forget you’re even wearing!



At Bravadas, we strive to provide you with everything you need on your hair journey.



See inside our store and hear from some of our customers and Tracy, our Director of Operations.


Erin in Kansas City

"I cut all my hair off a few months back and really missed having some more options. I went in here as a first time wig wearer and buyer and they took the best care of me. I am shocked at how natural and real this wig looks. I would definitely recommend coming here, whether you’re looking for different looks just to have some fun, or your hair is thinning or you don’t have any." Thank you Erin for your feedback!

Chris in Omaha

"I became instant friends with everyone at this shop the moment I met them. They are not only extremely experienced and knowledgeable in the field of hair replacement; they are sensitive and compassionate in helping those who suffer from hair loss. I have had alopecia for 35 years, and it was so refreshing to find a hair replacement shop that carried realistic and comfortable hairpieces in a variety of styles and price ranges. It was also great to finally find a salon that wasn't afraid to work with my wigs! I encourage anyone who is faced with hair loss to stop in and let these lovely women help them. They will leave with a newfound sense of confidence, as well as several new friends. " Thank you Chris for your feedback!

Heather in Dallas

"Bought a topper on line from another company and just wasn’t sure how to make it work for me. I called and spoke to a nice lady at Bravadas and she said well just bring it in and we will help get comfortable with it. I came on a Saturday without an appointment and a sweet lady named Kim worked me in. She looked at it, removed a comb and added a silicon circle for me to use with tape. Thank you so much for your help and for having such a wonderful shop that people feel comfortable in" Thank you Heather for your feedback!

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We accept walk-ins but give preference to appointments. Book yours today with a compassionate alternative hair expert to help you sort through the vast selection available to find the right style for you.