Hairpieces & Toppers

At Bravadas, our service and products extend beyond just wigs. Two other important tools in fighting hair loss are Hair pieces and Toppers. Different people have different needs, and our highly trained staff can guide you in deciding if there are alternatives to wigs that would better suite your unique situation.

Hair pieces and Toppers are also know as partial wigs and/or hair additions. Partial wigs are more commonly used by women experiencing naturally thinning hair, as opposed to a medical condition. Hairpieces help add volume and body to thin, fine hair. Hairpieces can also be used to enhance the natural hair you have. Toppers and Hair Pieces are also very effective in hiding a thinning hairline.


For women who have experienced visible hair loss, a hair addition with a monofilament base design is ideal. The nearly invisible mesh base makes it look like the hair is growing from your scalp. For those looking to add volume to fine, think hair, pull-through integration hair pieces provide extra volume for you natural hair.

As with wigs, hair pieces and toppers offer many different kinds of construction and material. Most are easily removable and can be gentle on your natural hair. There are Clip-In Hair Pieces, Wiglets, Half Wigs, and Hair Scrunchies… just to name a few. Bravadas has a wide selection of all these options, and more.

Our hair pieces are the highest quality available on the market. We carry products from all the best vendors like Jon Reanu, Raquel Welch, Rene of Pair, Hair U Wear, and many more. Couple that with our superior service, and we will make sure you leave our store feeling better about the way you look.

At Bravadas we not only help you find the correct piece, but we can alter it for you. Our team of trained stylists can customize your hair piece or topper. This level of service ensures that each of our products can fit your specific needs. Come in and see what Bravadas can do for you today. Changing lives, One strand at a time.

See the difference our hairpieces make in the before and after pictures below!

easiPart_Human Hair_12FS8_Before
easiPart XL HD 12inch_12FS8_Main

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