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Bravadas has been a leader in the wig industry for over 15 years. We achieved that by helping each of our clients find a high quality wig that was comfortable, natural looking, and that matched their own personal style. We specialize in working with clients who are experiencing side effects from chemotherapy, Alopecia, Lupus, natural hair loss, and fashion reasons, including weddings. All of our locations provide you with a private room for fitting and the compassion and skills of our highly trained, licensed stylists. Our inventory consists of 100% Human Hair Wigs, Synthetic Wigs, Hand-Tied Wigs, Lace Front Wigs, and Monofilament Top Wigs.

The two main types of wigs are Human Hair and Synthetic, and you can find them both at Bravadas. Human Hair wigs are made from real human hair fibers. They are the most natural feeling and looking kind of wigs. They can be colored, styled, and set just like your own hair. Synthetic Wigs are made from synthetic fiber that looks like real hair. They are less expensive, lighter in weight, and provide many options for someone dealing with hairloss.

There are many options for both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. They both can be Hand-tied. Which means they are made by hand. These wigs have the most styling options available because the fiber can move freely in any direction. These tend to be fuller and give the most natural look. They both come in Machine-made options. Meaning that when the fibers are sown in they don’t change direction like they can when styling a hand tied wig. These are less expensive while still offering a high quality look.

They both also have Monofilament Top cap options. Monotop wigs offer give the freedom to style as you wish on top, without paying the price of a hand-tied wig. This means they can be parted either side, unlike a machine made wig. Both fibers are also available in a Lace Front Wig option. Lace front wigs give the appearance of a hairline so the hair can be worn off the face. When you visit a Bravadas location our staff can guide you to which option suites you best. Your experience is our top priority.

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