Custom Cutting & Coloring a Wig by Our Professional Wig Stylists

Coloring and Cutting


Cutting a wig and designing it for you personally is so important. Our talented stylists look at each wig, topper or add-on as a blank canvas and enjoy cutting, thinning and reshaping it to suit your face shape and personal style for a virtually undetectable look you will feel confident in. This is available for both human and synthetic wigs. We also offer synthetic bang cuts.


For human hair wigs and pieces, we offer coloring services. Coloring a wig can adjust the color to be exactly what you want, whether it’s matching your natural hair or mixing up your color, we have you covered!

Some options we offer are all over color, rooted looks, and design/highlights/lowlights:

All Over Color

Human Hair wigs typically contain colored or processed hair. The hair can fade due to environment, shampooing and wear over time. We can recolor your wig to get the hair back to its original hue and luster, making your hair look healthy and vibrant.


In order to give your style that more natural appearance, we can color the root base of many human hair wigs, to give it that outgrowth look. The root color is usually a few shades darker. This darker root look helps give it more depth and a very natural look.


Ombre, balayage, lowlights, highlights. These are some of the customized trends that add more dimension to your style to make it look more like your own natural style and at Bravadas we do it all.  Bring us a picture of your desired style and together we will create your perfect look.

Need your piece colored or cut?

Call in to schedule your piece to be colored or cut and it will be looking better than ever in no time. Find your store and give us a call!

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