Custom Wig Alterations | Wig Alterations to Match Your Style & Needs

Custom Wig Alterations

custom wig alterations


If you don’t have time to wait for a custom wig to come in but the wigs on the shelf just aren’t quite right, we offer custom wig alterations. Our experts can take a wig available and adjust and resew parts of the wigs so that the cap will fit you perfectly and look natural. This works best if you love the style of a wig but the sizing is not quite right.

Sew-in Comb Clips

Sometime the wig fits well but doesn’t stay in place. This is when you’d need sew-in comb clips. We’ll sew in two comb clips into the right spot on the inside of your wig so that it can clip to your hair underneath and stay right in place for secure wear all day no matter what you’re doing.

Need your piece altered?

Call in to schedule your piece to be altered and it will be fitting better than ever in no time. Find your store and give us a call!

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Bravadas hair consultations are free. We’ll walk you through all your options, then we’ll customize your wig or hairpiece just for you!

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