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While we teach you everything you need for at-home care, we recommend professional services every once in a while to extend the life of your style. Book an appointment to chat with our experts about what services are right for you.

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Wig and Extension CareWhile we’ll make sure that you know how to take care of your piece when you purchase, if you’re in a time crunch or don’t feel confident to wash your piece, we are happy to do it for you! We offer many services for upkeep for your pieces. From wash & styles to deep conditioning or refurbishing, we’ll help you extend the life of your piece.

Wash and Styles

For both human hair or synthetic wigs and pieces, we offer washing and styling services for regular upkeep or a special occasion. All wigs come with the manufacturer’s instructions that are recommended but keep in mind your environment and lifestyle could demand slightly different treatment. In general, though, you should clean your wig or hairpiece every 10-14 days of wear, but we also recommend getting a professional deep clean or treatment every 6-8 weeks.

Deep Conditioning, Brazilian Blowouts, and Keratin Treatments

A refurbishing treatment can bring your style back to life!

Over time, you may notice your human hair wig drying out or becoming less smooth than when it was purchased. This is because the hair is no longer getting the nutrients it needs. To keep your investment looking great and the ends smooth, you’ll want to use the recommended products and combs, and have a deep conditioning treatment and trim performed quarterly.  This will extend the life of your wig for maximum value and enjoyment. For human hair wigs, we also offer Brazilian blowout and keratin treatments.

Restyling and Refurbishing

Special services for synthetics include restyling and refurbishing. Just because a wig is synthetic doesn’t mean you are stuck with the style. Using special tools and techniques, we can straighten a curly style, redirect a part or bangs and make other changes so the end result is flattering, natural, and uniquely you.

We can also extend the life of your synthetic style by flattening out frayed ends or giving it a trim. We call it refurbishing, but you’ll call it fantastic!

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The name Bravadas is derived from “Bravado” which means “to show off with a pretense of bravery.” We use the feminine plural conjugation so our interpretation is “brave women connected.”  There’s a spirit of support and camaraderie that fills Bravadas.  Our clients are more than customers; they are family.

“My stylist is Mequeda and she never fails me! She have styled 4 of my wigs and each one is better than the first. If you need a wig styling please don’t hesitate to visit her at the Fairfax shop. You will love her attention to detail that she gives. She won’t stop until you look your best.”


“I was diagnosed with stage 3 Fallopian tube cancer in May 2015. I’m currently doing my 3rd 6-months of Chemo. This is the second time for me to go through hair loss from chemo. In addition, I have gone through two 5-week radiation treatments. I bought this Eva Gabor wig during my first chem, 4 years ago. It perfectly matches my original hair color and style. I am coming into the Fairfax VA Bravadas to find a second wig to get me through chemo and hair loss again. It’s a constant battle to maintain my identity in the battle against cancer. But when I look in the mirror, I still see ME….not a cancer “victim.” More importantly to me…so do my children, grandchildren, friends and loved ones! Many thanks!”


“Thank you for contacting me and giving me the opportunity to show other woman, that it is possible to look good and feel confident again, because of the products and styles you provide. It’s very sad and embarrassing to lose your hair because that is part of your identity. Keep giving your customers their pride and spirits back!””