Shannen Doherty, former Beverly Hills 90210 star, went public with her battle with breast cancer last August. Since that time she has been very open about her situation on social media. Tuesday night, the 45-year-old actress did something that few celebrities would ever do. She shaved her head, and shared it with the world.

She took fans through a six set process, on Instagram and Facebook, documenting each phase. Doherty captioned her first Instagram post, “Cupcake pan, chocolates and a razor… stay tuned. She then capped off the post with the hashtags “cancersucks #thankgodforfriends”. Her good friend Anne Kortright-Shilstat and her mother Rosa Elizabeth were by her side through the whole process. Doherty, clearly emotional, chose to make the photos black and white.

The photos were vulnerable and touching. Even though most Chemo patients shave their heads, you rarely see such an example of bravery made this public. Dealing with breast cancer isn’t easy, but hopefully this will help shine a light on those fighting the good fight all over the world.

Doherty visited the Dr. Oz Show last February where she spoke publicly about her situation. When asked about her diagnosis she said, “You know, you worry most about the people that you love, and about making sure that they’re gonna be ok.”  She told Dr. Oz that she hasn’t yet decided on what kind of surgery she will have to treat the disease. “Ultimately, they’re just breasts right?” she said. “I mean, I love them, they’re mine, they’re beautiful, but in the grand scheme of things, I would rather be alive and I would rather grow old with my husband.”

At Bravadas, we love hearing inspirational stories of hope. If you are currently involved in a fight with cancer, and need help, please reach out to us or feel free to use the resources we have on our site to make through this difficult time. If you would like to follow Shannen and her fight, below is the link to her Facebook account.