Small Business Saturday and the Dangers of Shopping Online


our recent trade-in event, a customer brought us this wig she bought on the internet for the bargain price of $45. She said the picture was a really cute style, but she couldn’t figure out why it looked so bad when she received it.  We turned it inside out to find it was handmade, very poorly!

There were no ear tabs or stays, no front hairline, or natural shape. The wefts were irregular and quite wide apart in some areas. When we ruffled the hair upwards, the entire row flipped up and stayed up, leaving a gaping swatch of black fishnet under light blond hair. This wasn’t even a wig worthy of a donation to a local charity. Our customers agreed that we should put it on display to warn others of the dangers of buying wigs online from disreputable or unknown websites, which often copy other companies’ photos or even use celebrity photos to sell cheap knockoff wigs that are worth even less than the bargain price!

Be safe, not sorry. Shop with a local professional wig expert who truly cares about you.