toppers from bravadas

The pandemic has been tough on all of us. As we begin to get back to the things we love it has become apparent that many of us that contracted COVID-19 are now experiencing long-term hair loss. While we don’t know what this means for our future yet ultimately, we do have solutions for those currently experiencing hair loss from this dreaded virus.

Bravadas has over 20 years of experience helping women and men who are struggling with hair loss. Although the reasons for the hair loss sometimes change, the solutions available do as well. Ten years ago toppers weren’t really in existence. Today toppers are the largest growing segment of products on the hair loss marketplace.

Hair loss can be tough, regardless of the reason. At Bravadas our staff is trained to help you find a piece that works best for you. We spend hours on product education and it shows through our customer service and attention to detail. Appointments are not required but are suggested so that we can give each client the attention that they deserve. If you are struggling with any type of hair loss reach out to us and book an appointment today. We will help you find a solution that you are happy with.