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We have several types of topper wigs available at Bravadas.

The first option is the base shape and type. If you’ve experienced visible hair loss, we can measure your hair loss area to find the right shape of base to cover the right areas.

There are also different base builds that are good for different reasons. You can choose a topper with a classic weft base or a monofilament base design.

The monofilament base is great for women who have experienced visible hair loss. The hairs are individually tied to the a nearly invisible mesh base. This makes it look like the hair is growing from your scalp.

For those looking to add volume to fine, thin hair, a classic weft base will work well because you can pull your own hair through the wefts and integrate it.

After you pick the right base, you’ll want to pick the right fiber type. You can get human hair toppers or synthetic hair toppers. You’ll want to keep the same pros and cons in mind as fiber types for a wig. Synthetic fibers are less expensive and stay styled, but don’t last as long. Human hair fibers come with a higher price tag, but will last longer and can be styled and colored just like regular human hair.

You’ll find great high quality brands to choose from including Jon Reanu, Raquel Welch, Rene of Pair, Hair U Wear, and many more. Come try them on and get fitted by one of our caring experts.

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