Why Bravadas?

Bravadas is a warm and welcoming place where women of courage come for hair loss solutions. We specialize in personalized care in a beautiful salon setting filled with a large selection of quality wigs, toppers, extensions, and wig care products. Here you’ll find friendly, compassionate alternative hair solution experts dedicated to helping women look their best with private fitting rooms, custom wig fitting, and styling.

Choosing a wig is a personal experience. It’s easier said than done and can be emotional. And it’s about making you feel good about how you look. As you consider your options, remember: it’s all about you.

At Bravadas, we know there are many places you can buy a wig, topper, or extension. While buying online makes sense for everyday products, buying a wig should be a personalized experience, one that is as unique as you are. We pride ourselves on customizing your wig to you and your needs. Come see us and we will show you why Bravadas is your single source for wigs, toppers, and extensions.

Our Selection

Our clients benefit from personalized service and a wide selection of human hair and synthetic wig options. Visit us today for a personalized fitting and experience the Bravadas difference today.

What Our Clients Say


Bravadas Testimonial

“It’s been almost a year now since I first visited Bravadas. I saw the storefront and immediately googled and emailed to find out more. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was hoping that finally there would be a place that would help me feel like me again instead of making me feel awkward and uglier as the days went by and my hair continued to leave my scalp. When it finally opened I stepped inside and it was bright and cheery and Robin made me feel right at home. Alopecia really zaps your self esteem. I just wanted to find a place that would make me feel pampered again. It was nice to have a private place to try on different styles and colors of wigs. Robin even told me she was going to start an Alopecia Support group–which she did. Through Bravadas I now have a circle of friends who understand my feelings and fears. We are able to encourage and support one another at the meetings and after the meetings too. We cry and laugh together and it’s great! My stress level and acceptance of my condition has improved dramatically. Bravadas is more than a store to buy hair and supplies. They’ve given me friends and confidence to feel normal again.
Thanks Bravadas (Robin and staff)” -Tammy

“So impressed with this store and their professional staff. Went in tonight with my Mom to get her fitted for a wig since losing her hair to Chemo. Everyone there treated her with respect, helped her find a wig that made her feel beautiful and did all of it with a discrete professionalism that made her feel comfortable and relaxed – Thank You!!!!!!” – Colby B.

“My experience with Dana at Bravadas was awesome!! She was kind and caring and worked hard to make sure I got just the right wig for me. Chemo has not been fun but Dana made finding the right wig a lot of fun. I like my wig so much better than my real hair that I may keep wearing it even after my real hair grows back. I’ve never had such great customer service and felt so comfortable anywhere! Kudos to Dana and Bravados for making me feel special.” – Lisa V.

“I went in today, looking a mess after many tearful, anxiety-filled weeks of unexplained hair loss. I was met by the Bravadas staff with warmth and compassion. Tanner helped walk me through all the options with so much patience and understanding. I felt hopeful that I will be able to feel like myself and feel beautiful no matter what the future holds for my hair. When the time comes to purchase and be styled, I have total confidence in the team at Bravadas. Thank you, ladies!” – Stephanie P.

Learn More About Wigs and Wig Care with Bravadas

At Bravadas, we’re experts in caring for you and your wigs. Learn more here, schedule your personal appointment or come into one of our stores, to learn more. We look forward to welcoming you to the Bravadas family.