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Address: 11004 Metcalf Ave Overland Park, KS 66210 | Phone: 913-608-5170 | Hours: 9:30am to 5pm Monday-Saturday, Wednesday open until 7pm.

Bravadas provides an amazing selection of beautiful wig and hair extension options. The new Bravadas studio, located at Metcalf and College, offers licensed, expert wig stylists who are dedicated to finding the solution that makes you feel confident.

Bravadas Kansas City stocks the latest in designer wigs, featuring an assortment of colors, styles and wig types to suit every woman and budget. Our team of extremely talented stylists will assist you in choosing the wig, hairpiece, add-on or hair extensions to help you create the look you love, so you can say goodbye to bad hair days and hello gorgeous!

Bravadas is a wig and hair store unlike any other you’ll find in the Kansas City area!

The pieces are beautiful & Chris was awesome. He was knowledgeable about options & took so much time to make us feel comfortable. He showed us great was to style, the whole experience could not have been better. Thank You Chris!read more
I went to the shop to "just look around". Chris waited on us & was great. Super friendly, knowledgeable on all the options & never made us feel hurried. He even took the time to show different ways to style. Definitely recommend Chris!read more
I brought my mom in after having a mediocre experience at another "business". We were misled when we purchased a wig and came in for advice. Dealing with chemo and hair loss is bad enough, then wasting money on on a wig that is completely useless because it is the wrong size just added to the stress. Initially we got bad news on the previously purchased piece, but Sherry and Lavinia were absolutely AMAZING! We never felt any pressure to buy anything. They taught us a lot about wigs; the proper fit and care. They spent over 2 hours with us making sure the new piece was exactly what my mom needed/wanted. Our journey with hair pieces started out rough, but thanks to these 2 lovely ladies at Bravadas it ended up perfect! They definitely went above and beyond for us! I cannot thank you enough for taking such great care of my mom!!!read more
As a woman with extreme hair loss and breakage I needed to do something to correct my lack of hair and style. Thankfully, I invested in a halo from Bravada's. As I got more familiar with the process of wearing a halo, I am now addicted. It is so incredibly easy to add volume and style without damaging the scraps of hair I have left.The customer service has been incredible. I have been back to add more halos and get additional clips, every time I am like a kid in a candy store.If you are not sure how to combat thinning or partial hair loss- just make an appointment to work with Robin or Chris- they will settle the problem.The added photo is me, wearing two halos- my real hair is sparse and barely a bob, chin length- with the halos I have a full head of natural looking more
Chris is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! ❤ He made me feel right at home from the moment I walked in! I haven't decided on if I will need a wig yet but if that's the route I end up going, I will definitely return due to Chris's OUTSTANDING customer service!! 💕read more
Best customer service ever. Helpful, knowledgeable, fun, and caring. Thank you Lavinia
I must say I was very nervous walking in as I have never worn a wig in my life and I happened to buy a few off the Internet which was a disaster. Chris scooped me up the moment I walked in and it was nothing but the best!!! He was so informative and patient and helpful I will definitely be coming back and requesting him!!! No matter how many questions I ask there was always an answer I really walked in thinking I would only buy one if I could find the one but I ended up finding two things to him he is wonderful!!!! I will tell you right now I am going to Vegas in a few weeks and I am going to knock my husband’s socks off thanks to him! Thanks more
My mom and my mother-in-law were blown away by Robinn and her staff. They took such great care of them! They were both simply giddy when they left the salon. Some of the things I heard on the way home: "They were all so helpful and sweet!" "They really set me up so I'd know exactly what to do when I got home." "So much great info!" "Can't believe I found it on the 3rd try!" "It looks so natural." "I expected them to try to up-sell us but they just sold me what I needed and I never felt pressure." "Best birthday present EVER!" Mom's new do looks like she just walked out of a high end salon - her only better! The style is just the way she likes it and the color was spot-on. My mother-in-law had her wig trimmed up a bit and was so impressed. She plans to come back soon for another wig. Thank you!!!read more
My mom and my mother-in-law were blown away by Robinn and her staff. They took such great care of them! They were both simply giddy when they left the salon. Some of the things I heard on the way home: "They were all so helpful and sweet!" "They really set me up so I'd know exactly what to do when I got home." "So much great info!" "Can't believe I found it on the 3rd try!" "It looks so natural." "I expected them to try to up-sell us but they just sold me what I needed and I never felt pressure." "Best birthday present EVER!" Mom's new do looks like she just walked out of a high end salon - her only better! The style is just the way she likes it and the color was spot-on. My mother-in-law had her wig trimmed up a bit and was so impressed. She plans to come back soon for another wig. Thank you!!!read more
Was attended to by Chris and had the BEST time! My Aunt took my grandmother and I there to try on wigs. I have alopecia. We had so much fun trying on different styles and learning about hair pieces. Chris made us feel like family and comfortable in a private room. My grandmother and I both left with adorable wigs! I would absolutely recommend Bravadas to anyone!!read more
I sought wig store recommendations on Facebook for my mother who is undergoing chemotherapy. I got an overwhelming response for Bravadas and even had the owner, Robin, reach out to me personally. I was truly impressed by the care we received from Robin and Tanner, who assisted us with our consultation. I recommend this store and their team of stylists to anyone! My mother and I could not be any more happy with the products and care we received at Bravadas!read more
I have thinning hair and issues with my shoulders, making curling and styling my hair painful. I couldn't be happier with my wig purchase or the kindness and helpfulness of Chris and others I dealt with in their salon. I seldom shop in brick-and-mortar stores but quickly discovered it's essential when shopping for a wig. They made me feel very welcome and I can't recommend them heartily more
I went into Bravada store to just to look around and I was greeted by Chris who was very outgoing and Enthusiastic which made me more comfortable. After trying on wigs I decided to go with just a topper. It was the perfect fit for me. After a week or so I decided to go back and get the wig I was looking at. Again Chris was there and was very helpful again he knew me by name. I did purchase a wig this time which I'm happy with. I definitely will be back it was such a pleasant experience!!Thank You Chris your the Bomb!!!read more
I purchased 2 wigs from Tanner. She is great at listening and she is very patient to help. She helped me find the perfect wigs for me letting me try on several wigs till I felt comfortable and felt pretty. I would recommend her to anyone, she really cares. Thanks Tannerread more
My sister has hair loss due to health issues. She lives in a small town and came up to Overland Park to look for a wig. We chose Bravada's Wig Store to shop for her a wig. What a wonderful experience we had. Lavinia was the consultant and she really knew her stuff. We picked out five wigs but the very first one my sister tried on was it! It looked just like my sister's hair used to. It was a synthetic wig but the hair is beautiful in texture and just the perfect density to look exactly like real hair. It came out of the box and only required minimal combing to look fantastic. Lavinia instructed her how to put the wig on and off and gave her cleaning supplies and instructions on how to use them. She was so pleasant and helpful and made us permanent customers of more
I can’t say enough wonderful things about how much the Bravadas Kansas City team has helped my self esteem! I have thinning hair and they fitted me with a halo that is so natural. It’s the perfect cut and color. All my friends love my hair and just thought I got a new hairstyle! Everyone at the salon has been so helpful and kind! I would absolutely recommend this salon to anyone!read more
I don't know much about wearing hair but when I came into Bravadas, everyone was very kind and helpful and answered all my questions. I was looking for some extensions, and I found out that there are many different types. Robin helped me find the perfect set that matched my hairstyle and met my needs. They even colored and cut them to blend naturally into my hair. Everyone was so nice & had great customer service!read more
Tanner took away all apprehension I had due to not knowing what to expect compiled with the anxiety that I may even need to soon wear a wig! She wig-educated me and encourage me to try on and experiment. The quality and selection of wigs are terrific! I’ll soon know if a wig is in my future and if so, I have some great options available to me. I did get a super-cute beanie hat to have on hand (it’s so cute I may wear it even if my hair doesn’t fall out! ). I have been brought to wigs due to medical reasons but in doing so have been opened to the world of wigs for fun and fashion, too!read more
Amazing experience! I start chemo next week and I was completely new to wig shopping! What a great service they offer for something that can be a very hard time for people. ���read more
Bravadas is fantastic !! I was a bit anxious before i opened the door and walked in. Robinn is so nice immediately I was put at ease. I wanted to also get a professional makeup artist to do my makeup as long as I was getting a new hairstyle. Robinn called Alex Simcosky and arranged her to meet at Bravadas. OMG ! Alex is amazing. When Alex was done Robinn came in with the first wig to try on. Robinn did her homework and nailed it. We tried 4 or 5 wigs and we all decided the first one was perfect. The atomsphere is very relaxing yet professional. Robinn is amazing and knows her business !! For a great and uplifting experience i recommend Bravadas for your hair needs..Thank you so much Bravadas an Agartistry for a wonderful experience !!!!read more
I think I sat in my car for an hour before going in, I was terrified. It was for nothing - I was warmly greeted, and given private attention. Since I had watched nearly every wig YouTube video, I had a small jump on the basics - which did help move the appointment along. I am still not sure I was comfortable with being asked to select the wigs I would like to try on, as frankly, I still have no idea what I'm doing. While I had input from my consultant on the wigs, it was more along the line of "try this one - try that one" which left me a bit confused. I will say though with wigs, once you get them on, it is easy to see if its a yes or a no; its when you get to the buying decision it got much harder. My best friend in Ohio was "on call" (she is a hair stylist) waiting to see snaps of each choice. Her input was very important and should be encouraged (she after all knows me and my situation best); I would have loved it if there was a way to Facetime or WhatsApp once I had narrowed my choices. Come prepared with some photos of your hair (before) and also some photos of what you are looking for - including color and shade. That really helped in my case. Overall I think for first timers - a longer appointment might be useful. It is an investment and a bit more time would have helped. I live 2 1/2 hours from the salon, so even though I selected a wig, there as no time for any tailoring or trimming (which now that I'm home, I think I need). The overall impression I have of the salon is favorable, it is not intimidating, and there is real compassion in the staff. We are all there for different reasons, but I felt we were all being treated the same. The layout of the salon, with private rooms, is super! Sitting in a chair in a regular salon might have given me a heart attack. In the end, it was silly to have sat in my car anxious for so long - I should have walked in and started my journey sooner. In the end, I have a wig that is ready to meet my needs as I face hair loss - as my friends say - it's on stand-by. But the thing is - I like it - so I'm wearing it already. Also, I've called for some follow up help and I have been treated very well - including some helpful videos being sent to me by email. The people that work here are truly givers. Let them take care of you and you will leave, like I did, more
They were able to match my hair color perfectly. Great experience and highly recommend.
Bravadas is a fantastic place to go for ANY hair need or want! I purchased halo extensions from Robinn and Tanner and let me tell you it was the best experience! I felt like a million bucks with my new hair and referred a few friends who also went and had a great experience. Robinn and Tanner listen to your needs and exceed them! Highly recommend Bravadas!read more
This place is AMAZING!!! I can't say enough nice things about the kind and knowledgeable staff. My friend and I came in this week looking for a wig because she is going through chemotherapy and losing her hair. They instantly made her feel comfortable as she navigated this new world. Thank you for giving my friend the confidence to recognize she is beautiful inside and out, with or without hair:-) You all are wonderful and I simply adore you!! Thanks!!read more
I went in today to get my normal wig “ revived”. They did a fabulous job and in the process I found a new wig I loved. I bought it and took it home. My husband hated it so I was crushed. I took it back and was treated with compassion and understanding! I was sad to return it but Robin gave me a hug and told me to stay strong and maybe come look again in a few months. Having cancer and losing your hair sucks but people like Robin make it much more tolerable. Thank you Bravadas!!!read more
I walked in after not being able to take what alopecia (80% hair loss) had done to my hair. Sherry was so helpful and patient! I left feeling like myself again! Thank you so much Bravada!read more
You helped make our little ones Alopecia journey a bit easier with her princess hair. Thank you!
I was nervous, but I had lots of questions. Sherry help tremendously! She showed me all the different types of wigs and we tried many different styles and types on, right then and there. We were in a discreet room which helps and she was able to go get others to try. I was happy to find so many options. I'm so.... glad I went in! Thanks, Bravadas�read more
Jon Renau loves partnering with Bravadas - KC! Robinn has a wealth of knowledge and she always makes sure her clients have a great more
I went in not exactly sure what I was wanting. They were so patient in helping me decide exactly what I needed. I've already been back once to add some bangs to my piece and they were just as awesome on the second visit. I'll definitely be back!read more
The staff at Bravadas KC helped me with a walk in appointment to get halo extensions for my engagement photos and wedding! They were so helpful!!! They were also the only place I could find to get my extensions the same day in KC! Thanks!read more
Bravadas is the ultimate wig and extension studio in the entire Kansas City area. The vast selection of synthetic and natural hair is unmatched anywhere. The staff is also highly trained and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Bravadas to anyone looking for any type of hair more
I went in today, looking a mess after many tearful, anxiety-filled weeks of unexplained hair loss. I was met by the Bravadas staff with warmth and compassion. Tanner helped walk me through all the options with so much patience and understanding. I felt hopeful that I will be able to feel like myself and feel beautiful no matter what the future holds for my hair. When the time comes to purchase and be styled, I have total confidence in the team at Bravadas. Thank you, ladies!read more
The customer service at Bravadas is excellent. I visited them early in the year for the first time before starting chemo. They were extremely helpful and made the thought of losing my hair less traumatic. I also visited them once it was time to cut my hair as they give free haircuts to cancer patients. They were extremely helpful that time as well. I've now purchased 3 wigs from them and have been extremely happy with all of more
Recently visited Bravada Wigs and meet Tanner. I am Transgender so was not sure of my reception at the store. Tanner was extremely helpful in helping me find a nice wig. She showed me several different ones and then assisted me in trying them. She was open and honest with me as to which looked best on me. Then she also was extremely helpful in teaching and giving me make-up hints and ideas. In my opinion she is very good when it comes to make-up and what is the best type and technique. I will most definitely go back and visit with her for more ideas and help. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Lastly I would like to say that the entire staff at the store was very helpful and nice to me during my visit. Everyone treated me as a lady and woman which I truly more
Loved the customer service! My sister has breast cancer, and the girls made her feel so wonderful about herself. Thank you�read more
Beautiful store, warm and friendly staff. They have lots of solutions for people experiencing hair more
Bravadas made my hair look better than it ever has! My hair was dyed dark to hide the green dye that wouldn't come out, and other stylists told me I'd have to cut it all off if I wanted to go lighter again. Nikki did a color correction, made me a beautiful red with blonde ombré, and put in ez length extensions. She is a very skilled stylist, and the whole process was pleasant from the moment I walked in the door. I highly recommend using Bravadas for amazing, high quality extensions!read more
One of a kind. They are a salon that designs custom wigs and hair extensions. Outstanding customer service and experience!!! Robinn and her team are amazing. Congratulations!!!read more

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Robinn Scholfield – Owner

I absolutely love the work we do at Bravadas, empowering women to love themselves, gain more confidence and participate more fully in their own lives.

Our team of passionate, creative, problem-solving stylists are the core of Bravadas, and I’m proud to be associated with them. The cosmetologists at Bravadas KC have a combined 60+ years of hair cutting and styling experience and have completed certification courses from Jon Renau, HairUWear, Dimples, Jacquelyn and more.

You’ll see me in the salon wearing all different styles, colors and types of alternative hair. I love wearing great hair and look forward to meeting you!

Lavinia Clark – Retail Manager

I’ve been a hairstylist for 20+ years and a wig wearer at least that long. I will customize your wig or topper so that it is uniquely yours. My goal is to make you laugh while you’re in my chair so request me if you like to have fun. Ask me about dancing and food. See you soon!

Tanner Matthews – Alternative Hair Specialist

Since joining Bravadas two years ago, I have experience working with a diverse group of clients with a wide range of needs. I’d love to show you the Halo Couture option alternative to hair extensions, I wear one most days and love them. People say I’m very patient and I’ve always had a passion to help people see their own inner and outer beauty!

Sherry Stevenson – Alternative Hair Specialist

In the 20+ years that I’ve been in the hair industry, I have styled women of all ethnicities and backgrounds. My passion is making people feel great about themselves inside and out. Watching women struggling with hair loss issues smile when they see what I’ve created for them is very rewarding and makes my day!

Lisa Torrey sexy

Lisa Torrey – RNC-NIC, BSN – Alopecia Specialist

My experience of living with Alopecia for the past decade, coupled with the countless patients who have touched my heart over the years in my profession as a critical care Registered Nurse, has led me to reach out to other inspirational women on their hair loss journey. I lead the KC Metro’s only Alopecia Resource Group which is hosted monthly at Bravadas. It’s an upbeat and diverse group spanning a wide variety of ages and hair loss experiences.

Whether you’re coming in for a consultation, the Resource Group, or both, I know how difficult that initial visit can be. I’m here to guide you through the whole process. I have learned to live a very full life with AU, including running marathons and riding rollercoasters while wearing my wig. Since I’m a full time RN, I’m at Bravadas part time, but you can reach me anytime by email with questions or concerns related to hair loss, Resource Group, and what Bravadas has to offer. I can be reached at

Chris O’Leary – Alternative Hair Stylist

I grew up on Long Island, spending most of my time traveling into NYC.  While attending the Fashion Institute of technology, I developed a passion for fashion and beauty. While there, I was a successful freelance hairstylist traveling to the homes of very prestigious private clients as well as behind the scenes styling for New York fashion week.

Working with clients with Trichotillomania influenced me to switch gears and work more towards helping those with hair loss. Coming to Kansas City and finding Bravadas was the perfect fit for the next chapter of my career.

I am also an established painter and artist showing my work all over Long Island, NYC, Florida and now in Kansas City.

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