New to wigs? We put together some “Wigs 101” information for you to know everything you need to start your hair journey. If you book a free consultation, our expert stylists will walk you through all this information and make sure that you have what you need from this list for your style.

Types of Fiber

Which is right for you? Many people enjoy having one of each for different situations. 

The choice is yours!

For the ultimate fit and undetectable look, we can also have a wig or top extension custom made for you. Your customized piece will be made by hand by our vendors in NY or CA to your specifications in about 8-12 weeks.

What else do I need to keep my wig or top extension looking great?

Cap Construction Differences & Terminology

The more of these craftsmanship features on a wig, the more natural-looking and more expensive.  Think of the difference between a high volume factory made dress with cheap material vs. a handcrafted dress

Open Cap
  • Wefted, machine made. Fullest look.
Mono Part
  • Natural looking scalp on one side only. Fixed part.
Mono Top
  • Natural looking scalp, can part on either side. More natural looking scalp.
Lace Front
  • Natural looking front hairline, allows for hair to sweep away from face, hair appears to be growing out of skin.  Most natural looking hairline.
Hand-Tied Cap
  • Most natural looking all over, lightweight, comfortable, cool, fits well from small to large.
French Top
  • Each natural hair strand is tied by hand, with the knot hidden below a second layer of material so the knot is invisible.  The most natural looking of all.

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