Most women love switching up their hairstyles. This summer is no different. Wigs are great for summer. As many salons are closed across the country because of the coronavirus pandemic, there has never been a better time to try a wig. It’s the perfect way to try a new color, natural curl pattern, or existing hairstyle without changing your natural hair color or length. Wigs can be fun and open your eyes to styles or colors you have been afraid to try for years!

There’s a huge wig community on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and every corner of social media on the internet. There is so much information out there it can actually become confusing and overwhelming instead of informative. Because of that, here you can find all the best wigs and tips and tricks for applying them at home.

If you’re looking for the perfect summer wig or plotting your next hairstyle, here are a few popular wig styles you can try the next time you’re ready to switch your style up. Plus, where to shop them.

A Blunt Bob 

blunt bob


An elegant style that is a favorite with a sleek finish. The blunt bob might be one of the most popular go-to wig styles not only in the summer months but in general. In many examples, the hair is lightweight, and depending on the length of the wig it can be much lighter than other wigs. A short bob means no sweaty shoulders or matted hair at the nape of your neck, which are some of the most desirable attributes when looking for the perfect summer wig. If you’re unsure which length is best for you, try purchasing a 16’ bob wig. If it’s too long take it to your stylist and let them cut it down to the perfect length for you. We have stylists who specialize in cutting wigs in every Bravadas location. I love this for almost any situation.

A Curly Lob 

curly lob


There are so many styles women wish they could wear without actually altering their curls and ruining their natural-hair progress. While most would never do a big-chop, many might try a wig in this style for summer. The curly lob allows many to slay the short-cut look while still rocking defined curls and laid baby hairs. A style like this works better in the summer as opposed to the winter months because of its beachy look and low-maintenance upkeep. For a defined curl look, try using a foam mousse, if the wig is made of human hair.

Mid-Length Water Waves 

If you’re not a fan of short hair and need a couple of inches to spice up your look, the mid-length water wave look is the wig style for you. It’s fun and very low-maintenance, which is ideal when you’re out and about during the humid summer months. The best part about a curly water wave wig style is that it requires very little styling, especially if it’s a synthetic wig and already styled this way. For these styles and many others, make sure you visit your local Bravadas to try on a style. If there isn’t a Bravadas in your area please call us. We ship to ALL of the country.