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Custom Wigs

custom wigs

Custom ordering can be an intimidating process, but the result is the most beautiful, most comfortable, and breathtakingly one of a kind wig you’ve ever seen.

There are so many options to find the perfect solution for you. Our extremely knowledgeable experts can help guide you through the process of designing the right cap style, size, color, length, density, and texture of the perfect wig. You’ll get the best custom human hair wig available, crafted just for you.

Your cap will be perfectly fitted to you as our experts will take measurements of your head. You’ll be able to try on different styles as examples to give you some ideas of the options available.

This wig will be custom designed for you and you alone. Custom wigs are made of only the best human hair. We order from the best and highest quality brands such as Jon Renau, Jacquelyn, and Hair Art. Get the craftsmanship of these brands designed specifically for you.

Your wig will be crafted in about 8-10 weeks. We’ll let you know when it has arrived and walk you through how to put it on securely, and how to care, style, and clean your wig so that it stays vibrant and beautiful. Any color or cut adjustments can be made on the spot by our stylists that are highly trained and knowledgeable.

You are guaranteed to walk out with a wig that makes you feel like royalty. You’ll walk confidently knowing that no one has hair quite like yours.

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Book a free consultation and show us the style you want. Our experts will help you design the perfect wig for you that is unlike anyone else’s.

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