Human Hair

If you are looking for hair that will last, human hair is the way to go. There are a lot of different types of human, so knowing what’s out there will help you find what you need. Our experts at Bravadas can help you sort through the many options to find what is right for you needs.

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Human hair is the highest quality. Because it is real hair, it looks, feels, and acts as natural hair. Depending on the quality, it can be cut, dyed, and styled similar to bio hair. It needs to be cleaned more often, but it will last longer than synthetic fibers.

Not all human hair wigs are created equally! Quality human hair wigs can range in price anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000! Why the range? Because there is more to a human hair wig than meets the eye.

You always want to make sure you know what you’re paying for. If you find a wig that claims to be human hair but is $100 or $200, you can be sure that there is some false advertising happening. Make sure you only purchase from places that you know and trust. We have carefully selected our inventory to make sure that we only have high-quality styles that will last a long time, up to several years if taken care of properly. We carry select human hair styles starting around $700 to $1,200 for the more budget-conscious, all the way up to $9,500 for women wanting the best on the market.

There are many things that change the quality and price of a human hair wig:

1. How much the hair has been processed.

Just like bio hair, the more hair is processed, the more damaged it gets, so it will last longer if it is less processed. The highest quality of hair is virgin hair. This means the hair strands are unprocessed. It is healthier, will take color better, and will last longer. It is more expensive, but know that you are paying for years worth of wear if you take care of it correctly.

Remy hair is slightly different. Virgin hair is always remy hair, but remy hair is not always virgin hair. Remy means the cuticle (the protective covering on the outside of the hair) has not been stripped and all the hair shafts are running in the same direction, which prevents the hair from tangling too much.

Other processed hair types are still high quality but come with less of a price tag. You can still use regular styling techniques and tools on any human hair wig, but just like processing or putting heat on your biological hair, doing too much can result in damage. It is still very important that you make sure to take good care of your wig to get the best result. Use recommended salon products from Bravadas to maintain your investment.

For the best longevity and results, we recommend following the at-home care steps your stylist will teach you as well as professional deep cleaning and conditioning by our highly trained stylists every 6-8 weeks. We also provide regular wash and style services if you are not confident about cleaning it on your own.

2. Where the hair is from

Human hair wigs are sourced from many different places. This affects the texture and color of your wig. If you want a gorgeous blonde wig that will last you a long time, we suggest getting European sourced hair since it is normally lighter to begin with and doesn’t have to be processed as much to get to a light color. Think about bleaching bio hair at a salon. If you have dark brown or black hair, your hair can be damaged by the end of the bleaching process. If you have lighter brown hair, bleaching blonde may not damage it as much.

Most wigs are made with Chinese or Indian hair. This hair is less expensive because it is more commonly available. Most of this hair is darker in color, so wigs made with this hair are best for darker colors, like brown or black hair. It is always gentler on the hair to make a wig darker than it is to make it lighter!

3. Cap design and features

The last part of a wig that will make the quality and price difference is the cap features. While how the exterior of a wig looks is important, the wig construction will not only affect how it looks, but how it fits and feels as well. Comfort is key. A wig can look amazing, but if it doesn’t feel right, you’ll hate wearing it.

Attachment Styles
One aspect of cap construction is how the hair is attached to the cap. There are two styles of attachments: machine wefted (attached by machine) or hand-tied (sewn on by hand). Machine wefted is significantly cheaper than hand-tied because it takes less time, but the fibers can only lay in the direction they were attached. If they were sewn in to lay straight on the left side, you can’t flip them over to the right! Hand-tied fibers are able to move in every direction and move like natural hair.

Monofilament Designs
A nice alternative to entirely hand-tied or machine wefted wigs are monofilament top wigs, or “monotop”. These have machine wefted back and sides, but a hand-tied top. This has a mesh piece at the top that looks like a realistic scalp and the hair is hand-tied, this way the fibers on the top can be parted and moved around like natural hair, while the rest are machine wefted. This dramatically reduces the cost of the overall wig. Another option is to have a monofilament part, or “monopart”. This means the part cannot be changed, but there will be a small area where the part is that is hand-tied to a mesh material so the part will look more natural.

French Top Designs
Another option for wig construction is a french top wig. This means the hair is hand-tied through multiple layers of a fine mesh material. You can’t see the knots of the hair, so it looks like hair is growing straight out of your scalp! They also feel more comfortable against your scalp, because the knots are not right up against your head.

Lace Front Designs
One last common option for wigs is a lace front. This is best if you do not want to have bangs on your wig. The hair at the front hairline is attached to a very fine lace material so it looks a lot like a natural hairline.

Think that human hair may be best option for you? Talk to your stylist today about getting a human hair style.
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