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At Bravadas, we carry all different types of wigs. We carry options in different wig hair types and different types of wig caps and construction. Everything listed below is found in store at Bravadas with our huge selection of wig types!

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Wig Hair Fiber Types

For wig hair types, we carry real human hair, synthetic, and heat resistant synthetic wigs. Each fiber type has its own pros and cons. The best kind for you will depend on your lifestyle, price range, and preferences.

Human Hair

Human hair is the highest quality and price. Because it is real hair, it looks, feels, and acts like natural hair. This hair can be cut, dyed, and styled just like natural hair. It needs to be cleaned more often, but it will last longer than synthetic fibers.

Within the human hair category, there are different qualities. The highest quality and most expensive type of hair is virgin hair. This means the hair fibers are unprocessed. The color you see is the natural color. The benefits of virgin hair is that it is healthier, will take color better, and will last longer. The downside is that it comes with a hefty price tag.

Remy hair is slightly different. This means the cuticle of the hair has not been stripped and all the hair shafts are running in the same direction. This prevents as much tangling. Often times this is misused for marketing purposes rather than the true definition. Virgin hair is always remy hair, but remy hair is not always virgin hair.

Other processed hair types are still high quality, but come with less of a price tag. You can still use regular styling techniques and tools on any human hair wig, but just like processing your own hair, doing too much can result in damage. It is still important that you make sure to take good care of your wig to get the best result.

Synthetic Hair

For synthetic hair fibers, there are two main types. Regular synthetic and heat resistant synthetic.

Synthetic fibers can look very realistic. There are pros and cons of synthetic, the biggest being the price tag. Synthetic fibers are significantly less expensive than human hair fibers. Synthetic have styling restrictions but also don’t need to be styled as often as human hair wigs. Synthetic styles often wear out faster than human hair as well, especially in longer styles.

Heat resistant synthetics are fibers manufactured to withstand the heat of traditional curling irons and flat irons unlike regular synthetics. These can be styled in more versatile ways, however they often wear out faster than traditional synthetics.

You can get all sorts of textures, curl patterns, and lengths in each fiber type.

Caps and Wig Construction

Wig construction can be the most important aspect of a wig. While how the exterior of a wig looks is important, the wig construction will not only affect how it looks, but how it fits and feels as well. Comfort is key. A wig can look amazing, but if it doesn’t feel right, you’ll hate wearing it.

Attachment Styles

One aspect of cap construction is how the hair is attached to the cap. There are two styles of attachments: machine tied (attached by machine) or hand tied (sewn on by hand). Machine tied is significantly cheaper than hand tied, but the fibers can only lay in the direction they were attached. Hand tied fibers are able to move in every direction and move like natural hair.

Monofilament Designs

A nice alternative to entirely hand tied or machine made wigs are monofilament top wigs, or monotop. These have machine made back and sides, but a hand tied top. This way the fibers on the top look can be parted and moved around like natural hair and the mesh looks like a realistic scalp, but the price is dramatically reduced. Another option is to have a monofilament part, or monopart. This means the part cannot be moved across the scalp, but there will be a small area where the part is that is hand tied to a mesh material so the part will look more natural.

French Top Designs

Another option for wig construction is a french top wig. This means the cap has multiple layers of a fine mesh at the top where the hair is hand tied. These a more expensive, but feel more comfortable against your scalp and look more realistic.

Lace Front Designs

One last common option for wigs is a lace front. This is best if you do not want to have bangs on your wig. The hair at the front hairline is attached to a very fine lace material so it looks a lot like a natural hairline.


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